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Fear Ye Not!

Focus: Matthew 10:30-31 - KJV

30. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

Matthew 10:17-33

The Gospel of Christ is the way unto salvation, but the devil, knowing this truth, has craftily imputed lies into many that have been made leaders of men so that many things which do not conform with the Gospel, albeit found in the ways of the Jews are imbibed. Of course, although Christ did not come to condemn or abolish the law in a manner of speaking, but to fulfil it, the fulfilment is in a sense, the abolishment. Once a thing is fulfilled, it becomes no longer necessary. Its relevance is only in proving its fulfilment and not in practicing it any longer. Hence, when Christ preached the truth which was not in full conformity with the traditions of the Jews as stipulated by Moses, the custodians of that tradition called Him names and sought to kill Him as it was difficult for them to leave the way they knew and follow another. Worse still, the One who came to show them the way was someone they knew His beginning as the son of the carpenter. Meanwhile, in Him was life and the life was the light of men. He however knew that the same fate would befall everyone that decides to stand with and preach the truth. Hence, He prepared us aforetime and told us that the servant is not greater than the Master and that we should fear not. But why is it difficult to believe and yield? Doing so is to expose the devil and have many forsake him and his works of darkness. Many that are sent to achieve the purpose by continuing in the tenets of Christ, tend to fear that something would be done against their persons. Meanwhile, nothing can happen to anyone except the Lord permits. Not even a scratch can.

Beloved, the struggle in your heart as to what to believe is as a result of the flesh warring against your spirit over the truth. Bottomline, as it is not very easy to embrace change from the old ways, the being may find it a bit difficult to let go of bad old habits. Ask the habitual smokers. They will tell you how difficult it is to let go despite being told that the habit is injurious to their health. If you will yield to embracing the truth of the Gospel, you will be the sure beneficiary thereof. Old habits die hard! The Lord has sent you to spread this truth despite the enemy’s roars like that of a lion. He can’t do you any harm.

SOLUTION: Determine to follow only the way laid down by Christ and not that of any other. No matter who the preacher is, if his words are not in conformity with the teachings of God, please do not imbibe the same but that of Christ. Moreover, please spread the truth that you have garnered from the Lord without fear of harm.

Blessed Redeemer, we look up to you today. Please help us to achieve the height that you have prepared for us in you by revealing and exposing to us the lie of the enemy in all the traditions of our fathers in Jesus’ name. Every benefit that the adherence to such traditions has taken from us please restore today in the name of Jesus. From now on, help us to discover the truth in your word, never to depart from it again in Jesus’ name. And as we so discover, please help us to declare the truth at all times without fear of harm as you have us covered in Jesus’ name.

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