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Forget not God’s past deeds

Memorize: Psalms 77:11

I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old.

Read: Psalms 103:1-5

A time comes in the life of every man when all seems to be toppled and nothing seems to be going right. At such times, one wonders why such a situation should befall him. It does not matter your credence or position in life, a time comes when all appears gloomy and dark. What thought goes through your heart at such a time?

There was a man called Job in the days of scripture. He had a good life. Indeed, he ensured he sacrificed unto his God regularly to atone for the sins of his household just so that he might prevent gloom. But alas, calamity came that took away all he had including his health. What would anyone do in such circumstance? The expectation of the enemy is that one should deny that God is who He says He is in such circumstance. But the Bible says if we faint in the days of adversity, our strength is little.

David gave us an antidote to gloom. He suggests that we call to remembrance the things God had done in the past. The one who did those things has not changed His address and position. He remains the God of all flesh for whom nothing is too difficult. Should we now start denying him because we are stressed or buffeted? Job used the position of David and his latter end was better than the former.

Those things that glare you in the face that appear as difficulties are out to test your faith in God. Recall the way the Lord had shown forth for you in the past. Always also put this in mind: the water viewed on the tarred road ahead of you as you travel is always non-existent and called a mirage. Often, those things that appear disastrous to you end up a mirage. This also shall pass. Just please do not deny God, no matter what. Rather, put yourself to prayer and let God bear you up. He is coming to your aid and He is never too late. Please endure a bit longer. You will have the last laugh in that matter.


Father Lord, my confidence is in you as I know you will never fail me. Do please arise for my help in this matter buffeting my life that I may testify to your kindness in the congregation of your people in Jesus name.

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