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Forgiveness Compelled

Focus: Matthew 18:21-22 - KJV

21. Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? 22. Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

Matthew 18:23-35

No one knows Heaven and the way to the father better than the Lord Jesus Christ. He knows quite well and commends to us that God is Love and by this, it is never His joy that any of us should perish. Wherefore, when anyone of us that He loves is subjected to pain or torture, whether physical or emotional, He is not served in it. So, He commands that we love one another and only do to others as we would they do to us. One of the sacred things that He commends therefore is forgiveness. Practically, it is difficult for the flesh to obey the rule of forgiveness. For instance, how does a man in his ego forgive a wife caught in adultery or vice versa? By Moses, the adulterer must be stoned to death. But Christ is the husband of the Church; and every time we fail to obey Him, we enter into romance and adultery with His enemy, the devil. Yet, He forgives us when we return to Him, despite our adultery. This same Jesus, being in the nature of God and knowing two cannot walk together unless they be agreed, tells us to also forgive like God if we must walk with Him. Peter’s question and Christ’s response to him, coupled with the parable in our passage suggest to us that anyone who carries unforgiveness in him will not end up with the father but in fire. Hence, it is a matter of opportunity cost: forgive or roast, period! Oh! What he did was too treacherous and difficult to forgive? No doubt about it. But have we not done worse things to Christ our Groom and even others? Remember the story of the woman caught in adultery that was about to be stoned to death that Jesus ransomed? It is that if, indeed you don’t deserve to be forgiven yourself, then cast the stone and not forgive.

Beloved, to live is better than to perish in the lake of fire. All the Lord is demanding is just to let go of the pain and the resentment. If you do, you also gain more pardon from those you offended, because what you sow, you reap. Never allow anyone railroad you to hell because of offence. Surely offences shall come. But the place of the believer is to forgive and keep on loving. A refusal to do so is in actual fact a renunciation of Christ. Didn’t He say to you that “you are my friends if you obey my commands”? He has commanded forgiveness. Why wont you obey and assume He is still your friend? Let go and let God, today.

SOLUTION: Let no unforgiveness rob you of Christ. Release your offenders today by forgiving them all. If you let go, you free yourself from the pain and cancerous bondage. Quite honestly, you are doing yourself a world of good if you do.

Father, please grant me the power, wisdom and Spirit to forgive my offenders no matter the situation. Don’t let the power of hell overtake me due to unforgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ. Help me to dwell in you more by loving my neighbors as myself better than ever in Jesus’ name. The grace and benefits of obeying Christ, please let it not be lost on me in Jesus’ name.

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