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God is All-Knowing

Focus: Jeremiah 1:5 - KJV

5. Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

Acts 15:13-18

Nothing catches God by surprise. Indeed, scientists are at the verge of suggesting to the world that there are different verses and not just one universe to the effect that the life that we are living in this present day we may have already lived it in another verse, and therefore, life can be altered if access can be gained to an earlier verse to alter things. That is the suggestion of scientists. But scripturally, whether there be verses or not, God knows what is ahead in life. He knows the ending of all things from the beginning. He is the One that sets all things forth. When Rebecca went searching to know what the cause of the turmoil in her tommy was during pregnancy, she was told about two nations being in her womb and the destinies of the two individuals were fore-revealed to her. The point is, since God created us for His purpose, before He settled down to ask that we be brought forth, He already knew what He wanted us to be and what we are to do. So, He is aware of our strengths and weaknesses and He assists us as much as He wills, to overcome our weaknesses as much as we yield to Him. Invariably, He knows and sees what is ahead of us and if we will submit to Him for His help, He brings us to an expected end.

Please dear friend, stop struggling with the Lord over that matter. What He wants of you is what He made you to be and that purpose is critical to human existence on earth. If we don’t yield to Him, the other option is for Him to seek the fulfilment of the same purpose through another person. Once purpose is lost, what then is the essence of living? This is why we need to yield to God always. Many premature deaths are because of lost purposes.

SOLUTION: Seek the face of the Lord for clarity of your purpose on earth. Once you know, pursue it fully without deviating. Every bit of the way, have the Lord guide you. Never struggle with the Lord over anything He asks you to do. The creed here is: whatever he asks you to do, do it.

The Almighty God will perfect your life and destiny in Jesus’ name. The grace to faithfully follow His lead and not fail Him you have from today in Jesus’ name. Whatever may want to debar your fulfilment of purpose shall be taken out of your path in Jesus’ name. You shall finish well and strong in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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