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God Knows

Focus: Psalms 44:21 - KJV

21. Shall not God search this out? for he knoweth the secrets of the heart.

Psalms 44:9-21

A witty musician once sang saying if thousands of people are slain on a Saturday, clearly, songs of praises will be raised unto God in churches on Sunday. He indicated that there is nothing the clay can do to the potter, no matter what the potter does with it. We are all clay in the hands of the Most-High. Although the Lord tempts no one with evil, as it is a result of either our romance with darkness, or its overwhelming presence in territories near us; when we enter into some form of downturn, we ought to remain faithful and loyal to our God, who alone is able to bring us out of the terrible situation. Unfortunately, many are not like that: they are in a hurry to forsake God in their troubles, albeit paying lip service to being on the side of the Lord.

We have heard of “Christians” who, because of infertility, had taken to fetishism secretly, while still lifting “holy hands” in some congregations. Others, because of some bias for position or office, yield their faith to approving fetish rituals without renouncing their high titles in Church. David was not so. He identified that it was the lackluster position of Israel that brought about the trouble they experienced and not God’s unfaithfulness. Yet, he made bold to assert before the Lord that they refuse to jettison their God and that God Himself, who can see the reins of the heart, could determine that position to be true. In turn, Job would not so much as disparage his God despite facing one of the most profound trials in human existence. God judged him by his heart, and not necessarily by what he, or any other person said or assumed.

It is time to stand for what we believe. If we believe God and His power to save, let us please stick with Him; and if otherwise, let it be clear to everyone where we stand and not mislead others into our misguided lukewarmness. God has no pleasure in those that are lukewarm. It is the hearts where God finds faith that He arises for. Recall the case of Israel in Egypt and Job as mentioned; when Israel was suffering oppression in Egypt and cried to the Lord, God saw that their hearts were where their mouths were, and arose to the rescue. As for Job, his heart radiated godliness almost for everyone to hear audibly, and God restored him doubly. In that situation that seems insurmountable, if we will also keep our hearts on God, He will surely prove Himself to us shortly.

SOLUTION: Please let your heart be projected on the infallibility of God, and never deviate therefrom. Taking yourself or your heart outside of it is telling God you lack confidence in Him. He in turn has no pleasure in strayed hearts. Let not your heart stray away from God, no matter the circumstance. He is real and will be real to you if you hold forth.

Pray thus: Father, the turmoil of the earth is becoming unbearable; yet we hold on to you and you can clearly see our hearts in that regard. We have no one else to run to but you; therefore, please help us in this situation that your name may be fully glorified in our affairs, in Jesus’ name.

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