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God our Protector

Key verse: Psalms 18:32

It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.

Matthew 2:11-13

God has absolute capacity to protect His own. Because He knows all things, He can see ahead even before the enemy puts his enterprise to action. He is a discerner of even the intents and thoughts not yet spoken. While Herod was yet to conclude plans to kill the baby Christ, the Lord told His human parents to take Him to Egypt to safety. That is the case of the infant Jesus. David was in a very terrible danger under the threat of death from king Saul. He took to his heels to hide in a cave. Yet, the Lord was with him there to the extent that his relatives and others who needed protection went to him there.

When the Lord is in your story, He makes sure you don’t come to harm in anyway. The credentials of the two we have considered that qualified them for the protection of God is majorly about being after God’s heart. Of Christ, God testified directly saying this is my beloved Son. As for David, He also testified saying he was a man after His (God’s) own heart. Job was equally qualified but got mesmerized by the devil? True that. Job’s case and many others like him were special cases. God does as He pleases. He allowed the same that His name may be glorified in the end.

It follows that, whatever a person who is of God may be going through, God has the same covered. What is it you are going through that appears like sinking you now? The one that girded David with strength and made his way perfect is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is never changing and never relenting. He has the program for your life in His purview. He sees every trap and manipulation of the enemy. He is ready to do better for you than He did for David. The rule however is: like David, you must be a man after God’s heart. You need to love God beyond all other beings by loving your neighbor as yourself. You may experience a little pain when the enemy starts to torment you, but be of good cheer for when the Lord comes through for you, it will be like a dream and you will forget you ever had a painful experience. Your joy is here. When David was distressed at Ziklag, he sought the face of God for direction as to what next to do. You also can do the same. Ask God now to show you the way out of the current quagmire and He will.

Pray: Father, you are my Rock and Fortress, my present help in time of trouble. Please guide me to the rescue I need in my present predicament in the name of Jesus Christ.

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