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God’s promise cannot fail

Focus: 2 Corinthians 1:20 - KJV

20. For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.

2 Corinthians 1:18-20

God is not an Author of confusion. Things He cannot do, He does not promise. When He says a thing, He stands by it. He however will not deny Himself. He is holy and makes His righteous promises to people in holiness and expects to bring same to pass to them in holiness. Hence, where the Lord makes a promise and it appears not to come to pass, the problem is not to be checked with God but the intended recipient of the promise. For instance, it is true that the Lord had consigned priesthood in Israel to the Levites and the house of Eli, at the time appeared to be the lineage carrying it on. When the baton was to pass to his children, they refused to operate in integrity in the things of God and therefore God decided against continuing with the lineage of Eli as promised. Now, the same God promised David the kingship of Israel. When Solomon misbehaved, He, because of David decided to leave the throne of Judah to the lineage so that they did not forfeit the promise in its entirety. In doing this, He made sure that David did not forfeit the throne but only chastened his children anytime they misbehaved from thence.

Has God made you a promise? He does not twist His words regarding His promises. They are in Christ yea, and in Him Amen: never yea and nay. Nonetheless, you need to watch your ways to ensure you are in right standing with God to entitle you to the benefit of the promise. Stay away from filth and indiscipline. Show integrity in the things of God and let heaven see and acknowledge your uprightness. By so doing, nothing can warrant a change in the manifestation of the promise. Once the promise is made, it is done. If there is non-performance, then please check yourself. Don’t let the enemy rob you of your benefits any longer. Reconcile with the Lord on the areas where there are issues. Not doing so is causing the heathen to want to mock your God whom they know you profess. The time to act is now.

I join my faith with yours to declare this day that every untoward record regarding your life causing a delay in the manifestation of the promises of God for you are brought under the blood of Jesus Christ for your case in the name of Jesus. From this day, every lingering promise finds manifestation for your sake in Jesus name. Soon and very soon, people will assemble to celebrate with you in Jesus name. Welcome to your season of rejoicing!

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