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God’s Protective Hedge

Focus: 2 Kings 6:16 - KJV

16. And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.

2 Kings 6:8-17

The covering of God is sure over every of His servant or friend. Like mountains surround Jerusalem, so does the Lord build a hedge around them that love Him. He does not leave them without comfort or succor. Someone may say, but how come we hear about strange occurrences and even deaths among those that are called by His name? Well, our God is in heaven and He does as He pleases. If it is time for a saint to go, the Lord stays His hands to allow the Saint transcend. Also, it is possible for man to view a person as a righteous one whereas, in the sight of heaven, he is not. When Stephen was to become a martyr, rather than send angels to rescue him from the midst of his murderers, Christ stood in heaven to receive him home. Meanwhile, when it was not Paul’s time to go, he was messed with and left for dead at a point and the man stood, shook up himself and continued his kingdom works. When the enemy tried with Elisha, God gave numerous angels charge over him for his safety. Indeed, he caused his enemies to be blinded until they were led into the midst of their own real foes. That is what God can do for you also this day.

The devil is aware of the potency of the hedge of protection that God builds around His own. When he tried messing Job up and could not, he confessed it to God himself that the hedge was preventing him from acting. No devil can penetrate the safety hedge of God over you. It is however possible for the hedge to be broken. The breakage is occasioned by sin. When the hedge be broken, only then can the serpent get an in-road to bite. The serpent is the devil, that wicked enemy of man. When the serpent bites, it can be to inflict injury or to cause momentary death with its venom. The hedge can be rebuilt if we will repent from our sin and seek the Lord in humility. When rebuilt, it can scorch the serpent that penetrated and we can ask the Balm in Gilead to please soothe the injury and pain inflicted as the Great Physician. Are you down because of some action of the enemy brought about because you strayed away? The hedge can be rebuilt today. Like the hair of Samson that grew again, you can regain the lost glory. God is available to receive you back if you will run to Him today.

SOLUTION: Never allow sin to break the hedge of fire protecting you. If that already happened, run quickly back to God for mercy and ask Him to heal your wound but not spare the serpent. Your hair will grow again.

The hand of the Almighty will rest upon your life ever more for safety and deliverance from the powers of wickedness in Jesus name. every lost glory shall be restored to you today in the name of Jesus Christ. Every serpent militating against your wellbeing shall be scorched up by the hedge of fire around you today in Jesus name. Have confidence in God. He will surely protect you.

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