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God’s Shield Emboldens!

Focus: Job 5:21 - KJV

21. Thou shalt be hid from the scourge of the tongue: neither shalt thou be afraid of destruction when it cometh.

Job 5:17-27

To have the Lord on our side, we need to be judged righteous of Him. If He finds us unrighteous but with a teachable spirit, He chastises us in His way and thereafter embraces us as we come to repentance. When we are found worthy of Him, He ensures we are not made a prey of the evil tongued to talk us down or talk down on us. While being shielded by Him, we are made bold that we do not fear the enemy at all. Above all, He ensures we fulfill our years and never go down to the grave prematuredly.

The life of David is our example here. While he was a young lad, he loved his God exemplarily that he could through God, kill a lion and subsequently a bear. Even a war champion stood between him and the throne the Lord had ordained for him, he was not afraid of the stature of the adversary. The tongue of the adversary spoke terrible ill towards David but because he was hid from the scourge thereof, David could not be affected and he stood over the enemy to behead him. But something happened to David that shook him up: he went into adultery which later made him a murderer. When the Lord got hold of him, He chastised him sore. But because of his repentance, David still enjoyed the comfort and company of the Lord such that he was not afraid of the adversary except for the time he needed to hide from Absalom because he felt it odd to move directly against his own son.

Is the Lord on your side? If He is, then you have nothing to fear. No matter the counsel of the enemy, the scourge of the tongue cannot affect you under the shielf of the Most High. If however, there is a sin that caused a separation between you and God, hearken to His voice of chastisement and yield to correction so that you may continue under His shield. The Lord will fight your battles and you shall prevail in Jesus name.He will keep you under His shield and banner. He will embolden you against every of your adversaries and give you victory over them in Jesus name. Keep a life of righteousness and you will never regret.

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