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God with infinite understanding

Focus: Psalms 147:4-5 - KJV

4. He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names. 5. Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.

Genesis 4:3-10

When in high school, the school principal was such a special personality. In a student population of about two hundred in the boarding house, the principal did not only know and call almost every student by name but also by admission number. Students were often stunned at the ability of the principal to do that. Today, we carry phones and devices that do myriads of things that put us in awe state. The new technology now is that computers can do all things for you at home just at a prompt and can report to you what is happening in your home while you are far away from there. That is a result of human ingenuity. Of course, all of it is based on the endowment of God. If God can therefore so endow, why would anyone think the same God is less in understanding to want to play Him? Cain thought to play God but God revealed to him what he thought was covered in secrecy. One thing makes God, God: He is the most in everything! Hallelujah! Hence, even when He endows, He keeps back what makes Him most. So that there is still always an edge over any other. The thoughts and ways of God are far from ours.

Never allow anyone to make you feel God is not observing what you are doing. More and better than the closed circuit television, God is watching all of our deeds. That is why He says whatever we sow, we shall reap. The only way that happens is for the one to repay to know the exact seed sown. And He knows. His understanding is not quantifiable. Even that which you ate this morning secretly, He is aware of. There’s a sister in Christ who as a minister was instructed by the Pastor to come fasting to Church on Sunday morning. This fateful Sunday, the Pastor entered the prayer room and as prayer was starting, told the sister to stand back and that God saw her taking tea with bread before coming that day. The sister froze and could not understand how the Pastor could be so precise. If the Pastor can know, how much more God?

SOLUTION: Stop doing things in darkness; for like someone once said, whatever thing that is done in darkness is sin. Anything you do that people cannot hear about may be in darkness. It is good to be discreet but bad to do things in darkness.

May the Lord watch over you to exclude you from acting in darkness so that you will never reap the harvest of evil deeds in Jesus name. May the power of God rest on you to understand how to relate with Him in Jesus name. Blessed day you have.

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