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Harmless enemies

Memorize: Proverbs 16:7

When a man's ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.

Read: 1 Samuel 27:1-7

The word of God is that the hearts of kings are in the hands of God and He turns them whithersoever He wills. This suggests that no matter the power of any individual, the Lord has the capacity to move the same to do what the Lord wills and nothing else.

It follows that, if someone is perceived as an enemy, it costs God nothing to make the same to favor you. David was the destroyer of the Philistine champion called Goliath of Gath. When David panicked at the actions of Saul, he escaped to the king of Gath for refuge who even gave him a land to stay for his comfort. The king should have thought, as some of his lieutenants later did, that David was a fierce enemy of the Philistines but rather than so think, he accorded David favor.

The Lord will however not just turn the heart of the enemy for everyone. He will only do so for those whose ways are pleasing unto Him. At the point in time when David got refuge in Gath, he was the doyen of the Lord. If you will also make your ways pleasing to God, you will soon find your supposed enemies serving you milk.

For your ways to be pleasing to the Lord, you must: love Him by believing in Him; you must give your life to Christ and become born again; you must be sanctified/separated unto God for His use; you need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit so that you have constant direction from the Lord; you must love your neighbor as yourself; and you must have the focus of heaven as your country.

There is an assurance for the user of this guide who will yield the directions of God that those you consider enemies are disarmed for your sake and they will start relating with you as friend from now in Jesus name.

The refusal to make our ways pleasing unto the Lord is a choice to vacate the presence of the Lord and bear the consequences of our action. Let God rule over your affairs.


Father, I have no one but you. Please help me to fulfill your wish that you may make my enemies to be at peace with me all through my life in Jesus name.

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