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Have Faith in God

Focus: Mark 11:22 - KJV

22. And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.

Hebrew 11:1-11

We speak always of faith without having the deep understanding of what it means. It is that, although something different seems to be showing forth as the order of the day, what is ordained of God shall surely manifest. It is like a Certificate of Occupancy to landed property. Even though the holder of the Certificate is not around the parcel or piece of land, it is there for his taking whenever he wills. But faith comes by hearing the word of God which is assuring. Sarah had heard her husband say God said they would bring forth children but for years such assertion did not form faith in her. Hence, she was unable to conceive and believed she already passed the age of conception. But when she heard directly from the emissaries of God that visited Abraham, the situation changed. When the word formed faith in her, the barren conceived and brought forth. Without faith, it is impossible to please the Lord. Therefore, we must hold on to the word of God as true and act on it. God does not deceive. He makes all things beautiful. Only just believe that He is not a liar. The fear that creeps into the hearts of men whenever they are supposed to receive the promises of God by faith, is a weapon of the devil to deprive the believer of the benefits of God. Therefore, fear not.

Dear friend, God has no reason to lie to you. He has no pleasure in deceit and therefore, He will not deceive anyone. The fear you entertain regarding that situation that surrounds the promise of God to you is what is responsible for the delay in achieving that which the Lord already ordained. If only you will take God for who He is: the all enabler, then will you start to reap great benefit from your faith. Even Christ Himself enjoins you to have faith in God. That is all you require to achieve that purpose. Don’t fail yourself and your loved ones.

SOLUTION: Pleasing God and taking His benefit is in believing Him without wavering in any way. Focus on the promise without flinching. Let all men be liars and God be true.

The strength to believe and hold on to the promise of God in all circumstance, please receive today in the name of Jesus. Every power creating doubt in you concerning the promises of God, are paralyzed for your sake in Jesus’ name. From this day, start excelling in strong faith in God in the name of Jesus Christ. Go and possess your inheritance.

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