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Honor God

Focus: Malachi 1:6 - KJV

6. A son honoureth his father, and a servant his master: if then I be a father, where is mine honour? and if I be a master, where is my fear? saith the LORD of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise my name. And ye say, Wherein have we despised thy name?

Luke 6:46-49

It is foolhardy to call God or Christ Lord, or Daddy and yet refuse to obey His commands. It is absolutely dishonorable. When it happens, for instance, when the Lord says thou shall not steal, and we decide to steal, it is like saying to the face of the one who said don’t: “how dare you say I shouldn’t? who are you to so say?” There is no honor in disobeying the commands of God. Some, when they enter into disobedience, think they are having fun in the sight of their friends. Meanwhile, those they tend to impress will not be able to save them from the repercussions of disobedience. Indeed, some of them will be quick to judge and condemn them in the face of their calamities. Some assume it is worthless to obey or honor God any more because of certain circumstance. How wrong! Noah had honored God in obedience by building the ark. When God sent the flood, Noah and his family became prisoners with animals of all kind for many days. After the whole beings on earth had been consumed and Noah’s feet touched the earth again, he decided that before anyone would eat meat on earth, God must be honored first. So, he built an altar and gave God sacrifice. And when God smelled honor, He elongated lives and even the existence of the earth; He blessed the earth anew and wished away thorns and thistles so that man may again eat the fruits of his labor. What would we do if there was a phenomenal earthquake that destroys all souls in our city but leaves us unaffected? That was the kind of circumstance Noah faced: losing all manner of neighbors and acquaintances that he could ever remember but being preserved, alone. Think about it.

Beloved, when we honor God, He views us as wise builders who build on solid foundations never to be eroded. Those who don’t, operate in foolishness as they build without foundation and are susceptible to being washed away. What is it that we have that appears too big to give out? That is something of value that can serve as a sacrifice that would bring a smell of honor unto God. Are you ready to give God honor? Then give Him sacrifice. Not an animal but substance that is valuable to you. It can only provoke great blessings from God for your generations just like Noah earned for us unending blessings which Adam lost for dishonoring God.

SOLUTION: Position yourself to understand the will of God and stick with it. Never again should you for any reason at all, disobey God. Give Him quality sacrifice from time to time.

Father, you are the father of fathers. We ask that you please forgive us in all ways we had dishonored you in the past. We honor you from today on, as our father. Please let our days be long in the land that you have given unto us in Jesus’ name. Kindly release your blessings upon us even better than you did for Noah in Jesus’ name. Let your name be glorified in our lives always even as you help us by your Spirit to honor you always, in Jesus’ mighty name.

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