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It shall be well!

Key verse: Isaiah 3:10 - KJV

10. Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.

Genesis 50:15-23

The ways of the Lord are pure. He is the righteous judge who judges the righteous righteously! No matter the ills the enemy hauls at the righteous, the Lord has a way of making such ills to be insignificant in the end for the righteous. For righteousness exalts truly and there is none righteous that is allowed to perish under the scepter of the wicked. Hence, the Lord asks that we should declare to the righteous that it SHALL be well with him. The highest authority in darkness swarmed in on Job. He took away everything he had including his health. But for the restraint he had from the Almighty, perhaps he would have tried his life also. But because of the righteousness of Job, he refused to speak ill of his God even in his terrible circumstance. When the Lord turned around his captivity, the days he experienced evil was no longer of reckoning in his life compared with the bliss he got. Job ended superbly well.

Joseph was messed up by his own kindred. The Bible already says a man’s enemies are those that are of his household. For no just reason but envy, he was almost killed and sold into slavery for dead. He suffered all manner of pain in the hands of men but refused to plunge into evil. When the gain of his righteousness came, he was brought from the prison to interpret a dream that no one living free could interpret, not even the king dreamer himself. God caused him to become ruler in Egypt to the chagrin of those who sold him. In the minds of the evil doers, Joseph would someday retaliate. But, it is not in the place of the righteous to seek retaliation as he knows the One who says: ”vengeance is mine”.

Beloved, no matter what we are going through at the moment, what we are asked to do is to please endure the hardship as it will only be for a moment since our future is assured. Never turn your back on the Lord for what the enemy is doing to you today. And when the Lord eventually brings you to the morning of joy, don’t seek to hurt anyone for their participation in the evil rendered unto you. It is by so doing that it is reckoned you are a better person, a righteous one who dwells in righteousness like the Master.

Pray: Father, no matter what, please take me out of the valley today and set my feet on the mountain top. Help me never to avenge myself but to render love to all in Jesus name.

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