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Lay Filth Apart

Focus: James 1:21 - KJV

21. Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.

James 1:19-25

The word of God is not for fun. It is taken for fun if it is used only for theatrics or just presented for people to hear and jettison, moving on as if nothing was said. Unfortunately, even the “carriers” of the word do not seem to understand the power in the word they “carry”. If the word of God is treated in the manner it ought to be treated, it has capacity to transform the whole world which of course is the intention of God. When the word is preached by the carrier correctly and the hearers are affected by it, the hearers will be moved and resultantly be the doers of the word. It is in this that the Lord is pleased. The word has the capacity to have the hearer cast away his/her filthy ways and embrace the gem in the word. In some other instances, the correct word is preached but because people have developed hitchy ears, it seems not to have an effect on the hearers. They seem to listen but do not really put their hearts to the message of the word. The mind of God is that when the word is heard, it points out like in a mirror, the filth the hearer bears. Once the filth is sighted, it is for the hearer to lay the filth aside so as not to offend the word any longer, by continuing in the filth.

What is your position? Is the word of God of any effect in your life any longer? Do you just attend services for people to see that you do or do you put to practice that which you imbibe from the word preached? God is looking to you to lay aside the filth detected in you through the word even as you also start to preach the truth in the word to others for them to also be transformed from filthiness thereby. It is in this that you please God and you start to reap the rewards of being obedient to the word.

SOLUTION: Be attentive to the truth of the word of God. Be careful to be a doer and not just hearer of the word. Grow to the level of teaching others to do the will of God. The result will be a better society.

Father, please help us by your Spirit to appreciate the truth in your word always in the name of Jesus. Anytime the preachers of lust come our ways, please give us the heart to discern your truth in Jesus’ name. The grace not to only hear but do the content of your word please release upon us today in Jesus’ name. In all, help us to reap the fruit of obedience in the name of Jesus Christ.

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