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Learn of the Lord

Focus: Psalms 25:12 - KJV

12. What man is he that feareth the LORD? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose.

Luke 5:1-11

The Lord is a majestic Being that operates in an incomparable class. Because of His love for mankind, He relates with man for His pleasure. However, He loves better those men who hold Him in awe and give Him the respect He deserves. When He finds such, He directs the affairs of such men, and teaches them the best way in life, for their lives. David feared God. He was one fellow who held God in awe almost all through his life. He loved God so much that He wrote and sang songs in God’s honor. In his songs, he showed how fond of God he was that he called God every time of the day. He would not embark on anything, particularly major, before first seeking the face of God. So, God loved Him in return more than the men in his generation to the extent that God testified of him as a man after His own heart. But God never left David out of His view for any reason to allow the enemy mess him up. Even when David started his frolic and was forgetting to contact God in it, the Lord was quick to contact him and whip him back in line. Job like David feared God too. God told the enemy how so much Job was a special specie who loved and feared God. The enemy got permission to mesmerize Job but God will not allow him to exterminate him just so that after the proof of fear, God may show Job to greater way of life. When the man Job proved God right, God took him over and overwhelmed him with blessings, apparently by showing him the way to lead life better.

We can actually get the best out of life on earth if, like David or better still, Job we fear God and stand with Him no matter what comes our ways. Are you there feeling down because of certain things you are passing through? This is the message of God to you: be calm! It may just be a test of your love for God. Without a test, there cannot be a testimony.

SOLUTION: That which you are going through shall end in praise as it shall soon come to pass. But, please live in the fear of God for the rest of your life as He is ready to guide you to greater living than He did for Job. Just make sure you don’t deny Him, no matter what you are passing through. He is the One that loves you the most. Denying Him is denying Love. Don't deny God.

I pray with you, whatever will happen that will make you deny God will never come your way in the mighty name of Jesus. The Lord Himself will implant His love and fear in your heart to qualify you for His guidance going forward in Jesus name. And as this year comes to an end, you will never miss the guidance into better life in the new year in Jesus name. Go ahead and rejoice. God is on the lookout for you. Shalom!

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