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Lift up your heads o ye gates

Memorize: Psalm 24:7

Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the king of glory shall come in.

Read: John 15: 1-7.


The world is full of mysteries and nothing happens in the physical realm except it is first ordained in the spiritual realm. While the spiritual took care of Job positively, things were rosy and fine with him. When the spiritual released him to be battered of the enemy, he saw a great downturn that was inexplicable to many, even his friends. Everyone assumed he was a man of evil.

Your adversary the devil is still on the prowl looking for whom he may devour. In the name of Jesus Christ at whose name all knees bow, he will not get you.

For him not to get you, there is need to hide properly in the vine without whom you cannot bear fruit. At the command of the Most High, spiritual gates and everlasting doors are lifted to allow the Most High in. if you hide in Him, when He goes in He goes with you. To hide in Him, you need to be cleansed by His Word, His Word must abide in you. When last have you taken time to study the Word of God? Without it you cannot carry God’s presence.

When Peter carried God’s presence, prison doors opened unto him of their own accord. You can command the gates and everlasting doors standing against your destiny to be lifted (John 15:7b) or they can be lifted of their own accord if you carry the fullness of God with you.


This can be the best year you have seen thus far if you will learn to command the gates and doors to open for you. Seek God’s face in prayer that you may abide in Him as you let His Word abide in you.

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