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Live Correctly

Key verse: Psalms 118:17

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

Hebrews 9:27

Death is an inevitable end for every man that comes into the world save for the rapture. People die on the day they are born, others after a few years in their infancy, some adolescent, others young adults and some others at full old age. The bottom line is everyone dies someday. Incidentally, no man in the “right frame of mind” wants to die. Hence, many are fond of quoting scripture saying I shall not die but live. Almost every man alive knows that scripture and except those who do not like to keep the idea of God, it is common use for everyone to ward off death, in a manner of speaking. But what is the essence of the life we live if it brings no pleasure to the Creator? The author of the relevant scripture knew that there is an essence for living and therefore sought to live and not die to fulfill such essence. Today however, people want to live but not for the essence.

Except for his error in the matter of Uriah, wherever David went, he showed the glory of the Lord and His works. He fought the Philistine champion in the name of the Lord; poured out the water got for him in dangerous circumstances unto the Lord thereby giving Him glory. He sought to build a place for the Ark of the Covenant of God to dwell, and so on. If we ask us today how we are declaring the works of the Lord for the breath He has given us, I do believe many will not be able to answer satisfactorily because they spend their lives pursuing money or other fantasies and so on and so forth. Yet, the life the Lord has bestowed on us is that we may be meaningful unto others in the land of the living. Such meaning is to show them the works of God and bring them to the knowledge of the God who has given us life. If we fail to do this regarding that which He had given us, howbeit that we assume by merely declaring the scripture we will just continue to have life? God cannot be mocked. He knows those who will truly declare His works.

Life is expensive and not available to all. God is the giver of life. If we want to experience life and even more abundantly, we need to make the best use of what we have. When Hezekiah was told that it was time for him to die, the only way the scripture worked for him was in his showing how he had utilized the life he had and he was granted extra fifteen years to continue to declare the works of the Lord. You too can enjoy more time if you use the one you have well.

Pray: Father, don’t let me die young that I may declare your works for long in Jesus name.

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