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Most Potent Word

Key verse: Psalms 119:89

For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.

Matthew 17: 22-23

God does not waste His word. Because He knows the ending of all things from the very beginning thereof, He speaks knowing the outcome. Hence, when He did the creation work, He literally called many creatures to being by His word “Let There Be”. This tells of the power in His word. When He speaks, it is already done. Often, we do not see with ordinary eyes the actualization of the word He speaks concerning us but it does not mean it is not done; it depends on our faith at the time to bring the manifestation to being. Moses first believed and saw with his inner eyes that the Sea parted as the Lord had spoken and that was why he stepped forward to part the Sea as instructed, a fete that was unprecedented. Whether we believe or not, what He says shall come to pass. Christ spoke to the fig tree; in that instant, nothing happened in the eyes of the observers. But by the next day, the tree HAD withered. What God has said concerning your life, positively, SHALL come to pass even now, in Jesus name.

The bane of Believers today is not paucity of the word or the potency thereof, but the lack of faith or vision of the truism of the word. It is what you see that you have. But whether you see it or not, whatever the Lord wants done, when He has spoken it forth, it is done. There are many promises lying in wait for the righteous. Not because they are not true; but because the righteous often believe a lie instead. For instance, for a user of this Guide, the Lord already settled it that your tomorrow will be alright; He says no weapon formed against you shall prosper; He says He will not allow the diseases of the Egyptian to come near you; He says there will be none barren amongst you; He also says He is your defense and therefore when the enemy shall come rushing against you like the flood, His Spirit would raise a standard against him for your sake; He says when you pass through the water it shall not overflow you; he says you will be head and not tail. He is the Master of the universe: no one queries His authority. Forever His word is settled, not on earth necessarily, but from the source of all things in Heaven. Why then assume your situation is difficult? Have you gauged it upon the Word of God? Or are you yet operating in unrighteousness and thereby robbing yourself of the power in the word? Join the righteous train today and you will marvel at your turn around.

Pray: Father, let the positive promises in your Word come alive in my life from today in Jesus’ name.

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