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No dead can praise God

Key verse: Psalms 115:17-18

17 The dead praise not the LORD, neither any that go down into silence. 18 But we will bless the LORD from this time forth and for evermore. Praise the LORD.

Read: Psalms 115:12-18

The universe as we know it and even beyond our knowledge, belongs to God. The earth is only a small part of that universe. God so loves man that He puts the reins of the earth in the hands of the children of men. If not for anything else, the children of men ought to praise God. Think for a bit: God could have made us stones or ants or some witless reptile. But He decided to make us in His image. He could have decided to make us subservient to mere flies. Who would have queried His doings? Every child of man that is thoughtful therefore ought to be thankful. Aside all of this, in the turmoil that operates daily on the face of the earth, He keeps us, feeds us, provides for us and grants us peace and wellness. We ought to thank and praise Him.

However, only those who are alive can so praise Him. Those who are dead cannot neither can those who go down into silence. Those who are dead are returned to dust and therefore forfeit the ability to praise God. Those who go down to silence are either physically dead or dead in other means. Many walk the face of the earth who are living corpses. Everyone who does not have the idea in his mind of the existence of God, though he be alive is dead. Some knew God from the beginning but have left Him out of their thoughts and affairs. They are equally dead. King Saul was chosen of God to lead the people of God. When he was so chosen, he prophesied like a prophet by the reason of the Spirit of God coming upon his life. But when he turned against God, the Spirit departed from him and came on another. From then on, he became a walking corpse. He could not praise God having gone down to the extent of consulting familiar spirits.

Watch your ways. When it is becoming difficult to praise God, please check your spiritual barometer to halt a going down. Praise God always. Do it at all times. It is only because you are alive that you can do so. Those problems that you carry that seem to be preventing you from praising God shall soon pass. God is constant. Don’t fall into error by refusing to acknowledge His Supremacy through praise. Praise the Lord!

Pray: My Father and my God I just want to bless your name forever. You are God all by yourself: undisputable, unchallengeable the only wise God, you are Lord. Blessed be your Holy Name. In Jesus name, I worship and praise you.

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