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None Prevails By Strength

Focus: Romans 9:16 - KJV

16. So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.

1 Samuel 2:1-10

Hannah was a dutiful wife to Elkanah. She had made several efforts in the bedroom to have children to no avail. When she was considered barren, a second woman was procured. With not so much effort, she brought forth children. Until it dawned on Hannah that the God factor was necessary, she remained barren. There was a widow of one of the sons of the prophets in the days of Elisha. Her husband, though a student in godliness, did not find occasion to put to practice the gains in the godliness that he had learnt. He was so burdened with debt and it is not unlikely that the trauma of the debt burden was responsible for his premature death. When the same burden sought to take her children from her, the widow remembered the God factor and ran to Elisha. On the same day she became an oil merchant, paid off her debt and had surplus to live on. We have someone greater than Elisha now! If we will put aside all our struggles and first seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness through Christ Jesus, all the goodies that had been eluding us will by themselves locate us, almost effortlessly. Let no one deceive us, we belong to God and without Him, we can achieve little. The access is Christ Jesus. He made it plain to us that without Him we can do nothing.

Dear friend, enough of sweating over that matter. Expert Peter fished all night having abandoned Christ in a crusade but caught nothing. It was only when Christ came and he yielded that he caught a draught. You are not likely to make headway by your personal strength and effort. Let God carry you through that situation. Leave the sweat and the burden for Him.

SOLUTION: Success in life is in Christ Jesus. Those without Christ that appear successful have no iota of success at all. Come to God daily through Christ with your burdens and He will make it light for you.

May the burden bearer help bear your burdens in the name of Jesus. May God take away the source of unnecessary stress in your life by His power in the name of Jesus. May all the things that have made you to weep and sorrow start to cause you to laugh by the involvement of the Lord from now in Jesus’ name.

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