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One God!

Key verse: Zechariah 14:9

And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one.

James 2:19

God is known unto every creature. Many refuse to acknowledge Him as God even though they believe albeit vaguely in His works. Some others are aware He is but do not have a full understanding of His being and therefore take Him for who He is not and misrepresent Him to others. Yet, there are those who have somewhat deep understanding of the person of God through His word and His messengers that He sent to the world. Some of these also fail in that they do not continue to search for the knowledge of the fullness of God and therefore are drawn into heretical facts about Him. But there are those committed to finding the deep truths about Him and stick to the same never to misrepresent Him. Every category described save the first and the last ones, end up being cast into a religion and have their form of worship with the names they coin for God.

Nevertheless, God is constant and true. When we ascribe to Him something He is not, He marvels and abstains from same. He will not because of His creatures change His person. Hence, He has set machinery in motion to culminate in forming a new earth where the truth of God and His person will be known and glaring to all. In it, everyone will know Him by His name, one name and we shall no longer have the variants of today that tend to call God a liar. Howbeit that the Jews have their belief different from that of the Hindus and that of the Muslim and that of the Christians? Yet the Believers in Christ and the concept of One God of all, have their belief which is based on the truth of the scriptures as well as spiritual exposition of the sealed-up words off the seventh angel which were so sealed up to forestall the deceiver from finding the content to use in deceiving the more.

Beloved, our God is One. Just as God created one man who procreated and brought forth through the ages all that have been, the God who created that man remains God. The problem however has been the various misrepresentation among men, the offspring of the created man, which present God as who He is not. That was made possible because they believed the lie of the enemy. The truth is however here to be revealed to all and all eyes would see and believe in the living God who is One.

Pray: Father, please accelerate the manifestation of your power among men that everyone may bow to you the One and only God in Jesus name.

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