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Our Ways Are Weighed

Focus: Isaiah 26:7 - KJV

7. The way of the just is uprightness: thou, most upright, dost weigh the path of the just.

Isaiah 26:7-12

When a man decides to follow Christ, he is expected to live his life in uprightness and thereby considered just. But to be just comes with great Kingdom benefits: there is protection from the Lord; there is provision from Him; divine health is available; guidance is like a daily bread; wisdom is sure; victory is assured in battles etc. Incidentally, however, to continue to be entitled to the Kingdom largesse, one must continue to be just. Hence, as we proceed in our walk with God, He weighs our ways and our paths. When the just starts becoming unjust, he exposes himself to darkness by a disconnect between him and the light that accompanies the just. For instance, Elisha was a prominent Prophet of God. He operated to a large extent in the light as he was presumed just by heaven. He was able to heal sick waters, make iron axe-head to float in a well, raised a dead boy, healed a leprous soldier, prophesied plenty and it happened, led his enemies/would be captors to their waterloo etc. But one day, he blew a fuse – the fuse responsible for patience. The king of Judah accompanied Jehoram the son of Ahab, king of Israel to enquire of the Lord through him. And suddenly, the man of God poured out great perturbance against the king of Israel. Alas, the Spirit of God that was responsible for the light he carried moved from him and he could no longer commune with the light like before. He needed a minstrel to play for him to be restored to the light.

Beloved, please be sure that to be just, you just need to remain just. Going from being just to having romance with being unjust at times is like moving from the light to fellowship with darkness. And because the Lord is always weighing your ways, He sees your escapades and as His eyes will not behold iniquity, He can only excuse you to your frolic. Such excusing is dangerous if it does not even become calamitous. No wonder the Lord hates them that are lukewarm. To continue to enjoy the benefits of being in the Lord, we must strive to be just consistently.

SOLUTION: Always check yourself in the mirror of the word and verify from the Holy Spirit if there are things you do that you ought not to do or there are things you ought to do that you are not doing. When you discover any, please adjust promptly.

Father, we love to continue to walk with you never to deviate, please keep it so for us in Jesus’ name. As we continue together, please help us not to veer away from the right way or path in Jesus’ name. Let the benefits of being of the Kingdom be manifest always in our lives in Jesus’ name.


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