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Overwhelming Wisdom

Focus: Luke 21:15 - KJV

15. For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

Luke 21:12-19

Following Christ in truth is not an easy ride in a world full of darkness. Christ had warned us that we shall also face persecutions as no servant is greater than the master. If they messed with Him, we are to rest assured that similar treatments await us. So, the true Christian is like the eagle that flocks alone. Though he soars, everyone around him detests him for nothing and seek to just hate him. He is forsaken by parents, siblings, friends, children and even spouse at times. To be on the path of righteousness and truth can be quite lonely. Christ even warned that some will be put to death for His sake. But He assured that He will neither leave nor forsake us. Hence, when we are brought before the judges by our persecutors, we need not put together calculations as to what to say to make us free. There is a wisdom that comes from the Lord that will engage our mouth at the time such that the altercation from our mouth will be full of wisdom that no adversary, accuser or judge will be able to gainsay. At any rate, some of the times, the Christian does not know in advance what charge is leveled against him by the agents of darkness pretending to be friends and relatives. So, the wisdom from on high works for him such that even he knows and acknowledges it can only be God.

Are you burdened with so much load of care? Is every body against you? They refuse to take your calls not to talk of initiate a call to you; they refuse to respond to your emails; they don’t even respond to chats; at times on group chat they post inuendoes as if to malign you? Yet, you have searched yourself and do not know what you did save for preaching the Gospel as it is, unadulterated? Please rejoice for God has you covered. He will not allow you to suffer for nothing for righteousness’ sake. He will not allow the weapon of the enemy to destroy you. You will have the last laugh, no doubt. The wisdom you need to dumbfound the wise is available for you. Wait for it.

SOLUTION: Please do not fight for yourself. When it appears everyone is against you, continue to show them love still but never allow them to discover your error or your weak point that may cause them to mock your faith. Be firm in your resolve.

Father, the pain of rejection and persecution is much but we thank you who have not allowed us to be tempted beyond what we can bear. Please strengthen us the more in this journey so that we will never deny you in Jesus’ name. Indeed, please pull the rug off the feet of the enemy for our sakes in this journey in Jesus’ name. Please draw all our persecutors to your light that we may eventually be one in you in Jesus’ name. In the end, your name alone will be glorified.


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