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Pleasing God

Focus: Hebrews 11:5 - KJV

5. By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.

Genesis 5:21-24

God loves righteousness for He is righteous Himself. In the early days of man, people lived for long years before departing the earth. But one of those whose lives were not so long at the time was called Enoch. The Bible records that he walked with God and he was not because God took him. Why? He pleased God. The world is only like a pilgrim’s journey in which every man has an assignment. Enoch at his time did not live so long because his lover took him so as not to further expose him to the vagaries of the world. The life on the other side to which he was taken is to be preferred to the current life on earth. Jesus Christ our Lord accomplished His purpose at a very tender age and He laid down His life. The world is increasingly in turmoil such that it is hellish for those who are of the Kingdom genuinely. Hence, every time God finds a soul somewhat pleasing to Him, He takes the same unto Himself. Of course, death is the means of translation. For Enoch, the Bible did not say categorically how he was taken, but for Elijah, he was taken by chariots of fire as seen by Elisha. Christ ascended into the air visibly unto observers at the time. Hezekiah pleased God and the Lord sent him a message to put his house in order that he may be translated. He sought elongation of time on earth and got it but ended up displeasing God with it. You can also be pleasing to God and have a much more glorious exit at your time.

Beloved, to please God is to live in love in accordance with the tenets of Christ. If we say because God takes those who please Him at tender ages and therefore we don’t want to live a godly life, the alternative is to be left in the hands of the devil who is a wicked being and can even truncate life much earlier than necessary. If you live a life pleasing to God and you are yet to fulfil your purpose on earth there is no taking you anywhere. But if your purpose is served, what else will you be waiting on earth for?

SOLUTION: Be focused on your Kingdom purpose to fulfil that which the Lord has sent you. Walk with Him and be perfect in all your doing. Don’t yield to the counsel of the devil in any way.

The Lord will grant each of us longevity that we may fulfill purpose in it in Jesus’ name. None of us will die prematurely in Jesus’ name. No matter how long we live on earth, our walk in life will be purposeful unto God in Jesus’ name and we shall not be rejected in the end in the name of Jesus Christ.

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