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Possessing the kingdom

Focus: Daniel 7:18 - KJV

18. But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.

Daniel 7: 15-22

The Lord had foretold the coming of the Messiah who is the Son of Man long before His eventual appearing on earth. Greater still is the fact that it had also been foretold that by His activities, there will be ransoming man from the calamity of death and many shall be transformed into being saints to whom in the end the kingdom shall be given. Hence, the critical thing for us in acknowledging how to go about in possessing the kingdom, is to answer the question: are we saints or how do we become saints? Being saints is living life that emulates the Christ, the Son of Man who is our example. Hence, things that Christ would not approve or consent to are inimical to the Kingdom and therefore not worthy of those who would become saints. Adultery, fornication, stealing, killing, back-biting, lying, evil concupiscence and the like will definitely prevent the taking of the kingdom and so should not be found with a saint.

Christ Himself gave the example of those who, though are filled with filth, would confess at the end that they worked miracles in the name of the Lord and many like sayings and the Lord will tell them I know you not, workers of iniquity. It is right to say that there may be some who work iniquity but assume they have approval as saints and continue in the iniquity just because they see miracles happen from their actions. Unless of course they change their ways to live life worthy of the Lord, they will be shocked and jolted on the day of reckoning. Nonetheless, we need all to bear in mind that there is a Kingdom for the taking and that it is only available for the saints. What is important is, in that Kingdom, there will be everlasting bliss compared to what will occur outside of it. Those outside are bound to have eternal regret. That is why the Lord is sending out a warning and a fresh invite. If there are things we do that do not conform to being saints, we need to quickly shed those things. Funnily, no one knows when the trump that declares the gates of that kingdom open for the saints to receive it, shall sound. Fact is, it shall be sudden and without any special warning more than that we have read and heard from scripture.

I pray for you and I today that the Lord will grant us the grace to be acknowledged as saints for the Kingdom in Jesus name; and whatever either of us may do or may have done to make us fall short of the Kingdom, the Lord by His mercy will wash away with the blood of Jesus in Jesus name; and when the saints go marching in, none of us shall be found wanting in Jesus name. Please work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Shalom!

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1 comentário

Anyokeke Sunday
Anyokeke Sunday
16 de nov. de 2021

Yes, the above write portrays the Divine truth. The Kingdom of God is real, and His appointed time is written all over the sky. May God help us all as we strive in our little strength to getting the beautiful kingdom of our God. We will be there in Jesus' Name. Amen.

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