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Power belongs to God

Key verse: Psalms 62:11

God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.

Psalms 62:9-11

Power is the ability to do or act; the capability of doing or accomplishing something. Scriptures confirm that all power belongs to God and He surrenders part to those whom He wills. It is therefore foolhardy for anyone who because of acquisitions or apparent lofty positioning can give commands for others to obey, to assume he has power ultimately. The ultimate power belongs to God. There is nothing we are or attain that is not first approved of God the power giver. With God, nothing is impossible by the reason of the power He wields. Even though a man may wield power in certain aspects of life, the giver of power can decide to contain the power wielded by man at any time, no matter the stature of the man.

Nebuchadnezzar sentenced three men to death by roasting but none of them was scotched by the king’s fire. Herod put Peter in prison with a view to killing him for his pleasure but God released him from prison and killed Herod instead. There is no power that man has that compares with that of God. Everyone therefore, who will subsume whatever they think they possess as power under God, get to exercise greater power. Although he wielded power over the Philistine champion and killed a couple other Philistines as bride price to marry Michal, when he ran into trouble in Ziklag, David knew where power truly resides and approached the Source before proceeding to assert any power. Many do not realize this fact but assume like Samson, that they can continue to operate in ‘power’ when there is no longer any. Ask Samson and king Saul. They learnt the hard way.

Beloved, whatever sagacity you assume you carry is secondary to that of God. Don’t misuse your power. Is there someone maltreating you with his position believing he has power? Call on the ultimate possessor of power today and your oppressor will be surprised at the way God will come through for you. Have you forgotten? Whenever the Lord speaks, it is done. He can speak to promote you from the dunghill to the mountain top. He can decide to topple someone on the throne to enthrone you. Look to Him today and He will with His power move on your behalf.

Pray: Father, by your power, please put an end to the oppression of the enemy over my life and family in the name of Jesus Christ.

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