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Preserved For Love

Focus: Psalms 145:20 - KJV

20. The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy.

Genesis 19:1-22

Lot was raised by a lover of God, Abram who knew how so great it is to be hospitable. By his training, Lot was also hospitable and it translated to entertaining the emissaries of God. That in simple terms is showing love unto God. When love is shown to God, He reciprocates. Like the other dwellers in Sodom, Lot did not know that the place was going to be destroyed. The fact that Lot showed love to the emissaries of God, caused God to bring him and his household out of the danger that was to befall Sodom. He was preserved from doom. The Lord is still in the business of preserving all them that love Him. Loving Him whom we cannot see is in loving our neighbors whom we can see. There are many who appear to be in some form of need, peril or something. They are people the Lord is willing to assist. When we assist them, we are actually doing it for God and, rest assured, God will reciprocate by preserving us and our kits and kin.

Beloved, please make conscious effort to show love to God today by first relating with Him in worship and ensuring you back it up with physical show of love to those around you. Your reaching out to them is an answer to their own prayers. Once you do that for God, He is sure to accomplish for you that which you have been praying for. Above all, because you are useful to Him in assisting those who depend on Him, He will preserve you from all hills whether you know of them or not and you will walk in safety.

SOLUTION: Worship God in the beauty of His holiness daily. Never neglect the poor and the needy in your daily pursuits. Commit your ways into God’s hands and He will preserve you.

The One who keeps Israel that neither sleep nor slumber will keep watch over you in the name of Jesus. The grace to be benevolent in all spheres of life the Lord will bestow on you. By the power in the name of Jesus Christ, you will never be exposed to evil in Jesus’ name.

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