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Prosperity of your soul

Text: Psalms 119:32

I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart.

Bible Reading:

3 John 1:2-4


The expectation of God from everyone of His children is that we know His ways and know them well. Knowing God’s ways is as good as saying prospering one’s soul. The soul is the ‘heart’ of a being, the receptacle of life and being. As the soul is enriched with the knowledge of God and His ways, life is made prosperous. So, the Bible shows that it is possible for the soul to have upward prosperity but the owner be lacking in health and wealth. That is, when although one is loaded so much with information about God but fail to apply same. However, if indeed the soul has upward prosperity, there ought to be commensurate upward prosperity in health and wealth for the level of prosperity of the soul ought to be proportional to that of the body and material well being. For there to be such commensurate prosperity, we are enjoined to put to use that which we have learnt of the Lord. Nonetheless, as the soul prospers through the knowledge of the things of God, it compels or endears towards godly living. It follows that anyone that must prosper on earth by God, ought to pursue the prosperity of the soul. That is obtained through studying and meditating on God’s word. Don’t be just a hearer of the word. Let it dwell in you richly to observe and to do all that is commanded therein. You cannot follow the navigational guide of the Author of life and still live a miserable life. No one goes on a voyage on the sea without a compass. To succeed in life, your compass is the word of God. Put it to use. It will enrich your spirit, soul and body.


Father, please enlarge my heart with the knowledge of you. Keep me in your instruction for the rest of my life in Jesus name.

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