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Pursue Peace

Key verse: Psalms 34:14

Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

Hebrews 12:14

Evil is terrible. It is spuing wickedness on others without mercy, compassion or love. Anyone that engages in evil is an enemy of God for God is Love. Many engage in evil without necessarily considering it to be so. Whatever we do outside love is evil. Mere telling someone wrong tales about another with a view to getting that someone aggrieved about the other is evil. Moving against someone based on things heard about him and the perception created thereupon, is evil. Anyone that makes us lose love in our hearts about our fellow being has not only succeded in turning us to evil but has equally caused love to be ejected from our hearts and since God is Love, it is God that he has succeded in separating us from invariably.

The antedote to this is for everyone of us to ensure we follow peace with ALL men and to practice holy living. But how do I follow peace with someone whom I learnt seeks my hurt? Well, love covers a multitude of sin. If only we can show love to everyone, even our enemies will eventually be at peace with us. Yes, there are people who lack the capacity to love. For these ones, after we have done all we can, we are enjoined to stand aside and let God take over. We are not to move by ourselves to want to prove anything.

In the story of Saul and David, despite all Saul had done to David, after David refused to strike him when he was opportuned to do so, David still made overture of peace to him calling him “my father”. Yet, the dog that will stray will never hear the hunter’s bugle. Saul never stopped hating and hunting David. There are still people like that. But, like David, please stay off the scene for God to take over. Maintain your holy living and see what God would do. It definitely will end for you in praise. If however, you go about engaging in abuses and throwing tantrums, then are you not different from the person in issue. You would have been judged by heaven to have moved away from doing good and be less pleasing unto God. Stop the drift today. No matter what is hulled at you, please pursue peace and remain holy. It is only then you can be pleasing to God and see His hands in all your affairs.

Pray: Father, I know I cannot be at peace with my assailant by my own power; please help me by your Spirit that I may be at peace with all men and be holy in the name of Jesus.

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