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Put God in Charge

Key verse: Proverbs 16:3

Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

Genesis 28:10-22

Our ways can be swifter if only we will allow the Author of life to be in charge. It is vain to rise in the morning and aimlessly set out in a wild pursuit without the leading of God. Anyone who allows God to take charge has great gains in the end. Jacob was a supplanter who had duped his elder brother twice that the brother vowed to kill him. Jacob took to his heels in a bid to escape from his would-be assailant brother. As fate would have it, Jacob had a dream that affirmed the existence, supremacy and presence of God that caused him to build an altar and poured out a sacrifice unto Him. Then he did something significant: he asked God to preserve him so that if he returned in peace to his father-land, he would serve the Lord in the same spot. The thought of Jacob was not to be gone forever but just that the anger of his brother may subside. Because he committed his works into the hands of God, the Lord brought his thoughts to bear that the one who sought to kill him greeted him with a kiss in the end.

Once we commit our works into the hands of God, we have nothing to doubt regarding our righteous thoughts. It does not matter how rife the opposition might be, God is Supreme. Israel was in Egyptian bondage. Moses thought of redeeming them. His first act landed him in exile as God was not in his works at the time. But when the Israelites cried unto God, Moses’ thoughts were reechoed in the ears of God and he was brought to work out the redemption of Israel from Egypt. When he realized that the works were done of God, he specifically told God not to let them proceed if He would not go with them.

Our success or otherwise is hinged on the personality in charge of our works. Joshua thought of overrunning Ai but put his works in the hands of mortal soldiers. He failed woefully. When he committed the same work into the hands of God, his success was overwhelming. Beloved, as you commit your works in the hands of God today, He shall surely bring your righteous thoughts to performance in Jesus name. The opposition is immaterial in the circumstance. Let God be true and all men, liars.


Father, I put my works in your worthy hands. You can never fail and therefore I shall not fail in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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