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Remember Lot’s wife

Focus: Luke 17:32 – KJV

32. Remember Lot’s wife.

Genesis 19:12-26

God hates sin but loves man whose conception is borne out of sin. Because of this, He sent a Savior in the Lord Jesus Christ to rescue the man He loves from destruction by separating him from the sin He hates. Sin by nature is a pointer to destruction. And if not for the mercy of God that has kept some places standing, everywhere sin is located, destruction is invited. That was the example of Sodom and Gomorrah where Lot and his household dwelled in his time. Sin was located there and destruction visited the place. Now, we are told that Lot’s wife, after having been rescued from the destruction in the place of sin, his husband and offspring inclusive, when destruction visited the land, she looked back and a devastating event occurred. But why did she look back? It was likely that she had too many friends and acquaintances as well as belongings in the land that was being destroyed. Which is why Christ is enjoining us to remember her. As the Lord rescues us from the place of sin and destruction, looking back at the place of sin is borne out of our having a thought for sin and its elements. Hence when rescued, Christ expects us to keep our focus on Him, our new found location and not look back at our past.

For us to exist and survive beside Christ, we must be completely detached, spirit soul and body from our past. Looking back is akin to the dog returning to his vomit. Oh! Mere looking back is not enough to cause sin? The journey of a million miles starts with one step. The moment we start to look back, our hearts are tainted towards sin and it will be discovered that the looking back is only the first step towards total perdition. What happened to Lot’s wife has happened to many more after and is still happening even now. The end result is simply destruction. We must avoid such consequence at all cost.

SOLUTION: Because there is no pleasant ending to sin, make up your mind to be completely separated from it and everything or person that is linked with it. Make this your litmus test: what will Christ do in the circumstance?

As you put your focus on Christ from hence, the Lord shall keep you safe and well and prevent you from looking back like Lot’s wife in Jesus name. You will never end up in destruction or be a partaker of the judgment of sinners in Jesus name. God shall hold your hand and lead you to safety always in Jesus name. Welcome to full salvation. You are blessed.

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