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Round about rest

Focus: 2 Chronicles 20:30 - KJV

30. So the realm of Jehoshaphat was quiet: for his God gave him rest round about.

2 Chronicles 20:20-30

Battles put man into unrest and turmoil. When there are battles to fight, the mind is never at rest. But where there is victory, the fear of the victor prevails in the minds of the enemies to keep them away from their battles against the victor. But then, no one comes to victory in fierce battles except with the help of the Lord. Moab and Ammon combined with others to wage war against Jehoshaphat. The battle was scary even before the lines were drawn. But the God of victory supported Jehoshaphat to the extent that he needed not lift a finger in the battle. When the enemies saw how they were devastated without their victim fighting at all, they were perplexed and had destroyed themselves all through. By that, there was no one to harass Jehoshaphat again. The combination of the enemies’ arsenal from all your sides is that they all may be combined into their destruction. For if some are destroyed now, others may come up again. But if they all combine at once and they are destroyed, there will be no one to trouble you thereafter. That was what happened to Jehoshaphat: once the enemies destroyed themselves, peace set in on all sides.

No matter how fierce the enemies appear confronting you, please do not be afraid. God is waiting for them to completely gather so that when He is done with them, there will be no one to trouble you again. The Egyptians you have seen thus far, you will see them no more from today. Therefore, all you need to do is be grateful to the Holy One of Israel who preserves you and fights your battles, and He will prove Himself in your life to give you rest on all sides.

SOLUTION: Like Jehoshaphat, rather than bother your head about the enemies’ pursuit, put yourself into praise and worship mode. Never stop praising God. The enemy will fall.

Lord, we surrender ourselves unto you. Thank you for the battles of old that you won for us. Please help us for we have no other help but you. As the enemy is rushing against us like a flood, kindly raise a standard against him in the name of Jesus. Every agent of darkness working against our wellbeing, please come to our aid like you aided Jehoshaphat in Jesus’ name. Please give us rest on all sides and we will serve you better. In Jesus’ name we pray.

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