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Salvation Cometh!

Focus: Isaiah 56:1 - KJV

1.Thus saith the LORD, Keep ye judgment, and do justice: for my salvation is near to come, and my righteousness to be revealed.

Isaiah 51:4-8

The harvest of the earth is already ripe. There is no one put in the earth that will not, in the end, first be taken out of it. It can be either through the sleeping of the saints, the death of the wicked, or the destruction of the wicked in judgment. Most of the prophecies in the Bible have been shown to find fulfilment. There is yet the prophesy of the return of Christ to save the righteous which is referred to as the rapture, by Christians. It is about to be fulfilled, for all the signs that were spoken of that will happen preceding it are very glaring now. But the time it will occur, no one knows. Only that it will happen within the twinkling of an eye and like a thief in the night. But a vivid illustration given is that it will be like the days of Noah. In those days, God found righteousness in Noah and while He concluded to wipe out the living at the time for their waywardness, He showed mercy to Noah and his family and preserved them in an ark while others were eroded by the huge flood. Salvation can be instant and/or ultimate. The instant is the one that was granted us freely by Christ from the foundation of the world while the ultimate is His eventual rescue of the saints who live by His tenets from the wrath to come. They will be taken to a new heaven and a new earth where there will be neither death nor sorrow but joy everlasting. Those who are not so saved are banished to the place reserved for the devil and his angels where there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. But why? Well, because they refuse to accept instant salvation bestowed on them by the shedding of the blood of Jesus. By God’s principles, if He is not worthy of you, don’t expect to be worthy of Him in the end. Please accept the salvation Christ has brought.

Even if the whole world says it is not possible or it is fake, like Noah, believe in God and be established in salvation. Many in the days of Noah must have laughed him to scorn while he built the ark. But in the end, Noah could not laugh at them neither could he rescue them because it was the Lord Himself that shut him into the ark. He had no opportunity to show compassion to any friend or family relative again. It was already too late. The first month in the new year ends today. Don’t let the opportunity for the ultimate salvation pass you by. Tomorrow may be too late. Please yield to God.

SOLUTION: What load do you bear that can weigh you down to prevent you from being raptured? Jettison it now! It is important you make it than to get cast out for a flimsy reason. Always be on the side of the Lord.

Father, we thank you for loving us and declare our love for you also. By your love, please don’t let anyone of us fall off from your hands no matter what, in Jesus’ name. Do keep us fit in you that we may be worthy to be lifted when you come for the salvation of the saints in Jesus’ name. Whatever it will take to make us be taken in with the saints please do for the sake of your love for which you died for us in Jesus’ name.

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