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Seek God Always

Key verse: Isaiah 26:9

With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.

Read: Isaiah 26:1-11

The activities of the wicked continue almost unabated as if there is none to call them to order. They are terrible and do most abominable things upon the face of the earth. Even to the extent that in their manipulation and wiles, they cause the unassuming to assist them in carrying through their wickedness. This with the effect that the righteous suffer under the yoke of the wicked unjustly and most times without recompense.

Mephibosheth was an innocent lame prince in Israel. His servant, Ziba, had kept him in obscurity while usurping his position in the palace and holding on to his inheritance before providence smiled on him when the king called for him. However, not long after he was made to be dining with the king, there was a mutiny in the land and because of his handicap, his servant cunningly approached the king with goods to show loyalty to the king as if it was directly from him and not his master who originated it, thereby causing the king’s heart to be turned away from and to restore his master’s goods to him.

Like Ziba, there are many wicked people out there and even worse than he. Unfortunately, since the time Adam accused God of being the cause of his misbehavior by giving him a woman, the Lord seldom acts for man unless upon request. Yet, if the Lord will arise to judge the wicked, particularly the Zibas of this world, others will see and fear the Lord and through this learn that righteousness is key in life.

Are you under any form of oppression by anyone like Ziba or other terrible beings? Cry unto the Lord for help today and have Him arise in judgment of the same so that through such, many more will come to righteousness. Seek Him every time. Don’t limit your prayers to just a time of the day. Call on Him with all your soul and let His judgment come upon the wicked. Have they not affected you enough?


Almighty Father, your judgment is right in all generation. Arise today and judge between me and all my oppressors. You know the hidden truth and the intent of every heart. Prove me today and cut down the wicked in his wickedness that righteousness may spread some more in Jesus name.

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