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Seek God timely

Key verse: Isaiah 55:6 - KJV

6. Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:

1 Samuel 16:1

God is merciful; indeed, it is said that His mercies endure forever. He loves every of His creature to the extent to which He does not want any to perish but to be ransomed no matter the extent of the sin committed. To however take benefit of His mercies and unending love, the sinner needs to come humbly to Him to confess his sin when realized, asking for forgiveness and vouching not to ply that route again. If, however, after a long while, there is no remorse and the offender refuses to come down from his high horse, he may just lose the opportunity to approach God for pardon again. Yes, His mercies endure forever; but they are at His absolute prerogative. He has mercy on whom He would and cannot be compelled by any.

Saul Kish was chosen to be king in Israel, not because he possessed any mean reputation or qualification but because God favored him. He however became a men pleaser and when it was brought to his attention, rather than humble himself before God at the time, he went on to ask that the men be pleased still, not caring about the position of God. Even when an intercessor in the main representative of God at the time bombarded heaven on his behalf, God refused to bulge particularly because the culprit was not repentant and God already moved on over the matter. When the repercussions of his actions glared him in the face however, Saul sought help. Knowing he could not find God, as He neither responded directly nor by any of the means, Saul stooped to seek God through dead Samuel but by the means of a medium. God was no longer near to him.

Beloved, our God is still merciful. In any way we have wronged Him, if we will humble ourselves to seek His mercy while He is yet near, He will hear us, forgive and receive us back to Himself. Allowing the situation to linger may bring great regrets in the end. That situation you realized is ungodly but you are convincing yourself that God understands about may end up being deadly. God gives us a long rope to be restored to Him. But once He moves on, pulling Him back becomes a hard task. Why wait until it becomes too late? Set all things aside today to reconcile with God; He cares about you.

Pray: Father, in every way I have been in error towards you or any of my neighbors, please forgive and have mercy on me. Do not let me ever be estranged from you in Jesus name.

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