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Seek the Lord’s face

Text: Psalms 27:8

When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek.

Bible Reading:

Psalms 27:1-12


Life is full of troubles. Sufficient for each day are the evils thereof. To survive and enjoy a good life on earth is ordinarily herculean a task. But for anyone who will lean on God is assured of life and life even more abundantly. The reason life and living on earth is so tough is because the earth was submitted to the wicked one. All he does continually without pause is wickedness. That state of affairs will inure for any man who does not have a greater power than that of the wicked. Therefore, anyone who has not brought himself under the government of God by giving his life to Christ has submitted the affairs of his life unto the wicked one and is bound to keep experiencing a terrible life. There is another category: this is anyone who had submitted his life to Christ but continues to live outside Christ by committing sin. This by himself, decided to jump out of light into darkness. This is a worse case than the former. It is akin to a child slapping a giant daily because he has a stronger ally. Suddenly, he comes across the giant without his ally with him. The tendency will be for the giant to take out of him all the slaps of the past. This is why the affliction of some who had been in Christ but fell is always almost fatal particularly when the victim fails to act on time. Whether you are in the first or second category, God is inviting you to seek His face. If only you will, God will take you over and the giant inflicting pain and wickedness on you will be discomfitted. Trust Him. Seek His face now. He wants to rescue you. Look for Him. Return to Him. He will never forsake you no matter what you had done in the past. Why suffer in the hands of the enemy? Act today: your salvation is here.


Father, the enemy is devastating in his acts against me but I rest in the fact that I have you as my great Ally, my Father, my Strength, my Victory. I look up to you today. Save me from the grasp of the enemy and give me victory eternally in Jesus name.

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