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Sent of God?

Text: Psalms 22:28

For the kingdom is the Lord's: and he is the governor among the nations.

Bible Reading:

Psalms 24:1-8


All the nations of the earth belong to our God. He is the Creator thereof and He governs the affairs of the nations. Many nations have however been plunged into darkness by the actions of the enemy. Incidentally, God is a Spirit. He has trusted man with the reins of the earth. Man does not seem to know how to go about it and therefore needs God to achieve the proper purpose. God can only manifest through man to do this. Therefore, God seeks willing men to use for the purpose. But such men must be clean possessing clean hands and pure hearts for God to do this through them. Once there are such men, everlasting doors are lifted over nations for the Governor of nations, the King of Glory to come into such nation through such men. Unfortunately, after God has commissioned men who hitherto presented clean hands and fairly pure hearts, they got to the nations and got into compromise. Rather than heal the land as the salt thereof, they have joined the train they met in the land and they have continued to add to the decay thereof. God is looking for you to use to wrest the reins of nations from the kingdom of darkness. All He desires of you is you become His child by becoming born again. As you become born again and learn of Him, He gives you a heart transplant to a heart of flesh so that your heart can be pure. As you attain this and abstain from sin, He comes through you to wrest the nation you are in from darkness. Let your light so shine henceforth. Stop being like the rest. God is one. He is not different in your nation from who He is in Heaven, the pure kingdom. Let no one deceive you into believing the demographics are different nation to nation. The Word is the same: your mode of dissipating may differ. Please never dilute the Word to please anyone.

Prayer Guide:

Father I am ready. Here I am, send me. Please cleanse my hand and heart of every debris that may want to prevent my reigning for you through your Spirit in Jesus name.

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