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Shout For Joy

Focus: Psalms 32:11 - KJV

11. Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.

Psalms 32:1-11

There is something about the righteous: God sees him through his challenges and if he must be scourged in anyway, often times the wicked is brought in his stead. Righteousness is determined by God. The testimonies of men are often wrong. A woman was caught in adultery. By Moses, she should be stoned to death. Many testified against her and were ready to execute judgment against her to display her unrighteousness. But Christ did not condemn her. In the end, she became a useful tool in the drive of the Kingdom. The righteous judge is God. No wonder Paul advised Timothy to study to show himself approved unto God. The key approval is God’s. Once God adjudges you righteous, then are you righteous indeed for the righteousness claimed of any man are like filthy rags before the Lord. Check out the righteousness of those who sought to stone the woman caught in adultery. Once God finds you righteous, you are assured of joy no matter the circumstance currently confronting you.

Are you in anyway facing some form of fire from the world? Is the enemy making your followership of Christ appear regrettable? Are they so brutal against you that they have gone to bring all manner of people to turn against you? Is it appearing like there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Are they boasting at you saying they would see your end? How so unkind is life treating you? Be of good cheer, the Lord has risen for you. Because He adjudges you righteous, you will soon shout for joy. The enemy will soon be dumbfounded for your sake. Remember Peter: God judged him righteous and brought him out of the maximum security prison. As if it was not enough, the following morning, He made Peter’s chief assailant an irritant before his admirers. What can this God not do to vindicate the righteous and bring him to joy?

SOLUTION: There is no other approvable way than the righteous way. No matter the heat from the opposition, stick with righteousness. Never turn aside from it. God does not honor half righteousness but total. Stay permanently righteous and your joy shall come.

In the name that is above every other name, receive joy unspeakable today in Jesus’ name. I command every storm centered against your life to cease at this hour in the name of Jesus. Henceforth, your description will be through joy in Jesus name. There is no stopping your joy. Just relax and remain faithful.

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