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Soul Winners Shine

Key verse: Daniel 12:3

And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

Luke 15:3-10

All souls belong to God and therefore He has no pleasure in the perishing of any soul. However, although the one responsible for the destruction of souls is a spirit being without body, but because he is filthy and darkness, he can take over the mind of people that are filthy to use them against their fellow beings in drawing them to perdition. Meanwhile, God is Spirit also and therefore invincible. Unlike the evil one however, He detests impurity and therefore cannot dwell in impure vessels. Hence, He goes seeking pure vessels to go into by His Spirit to use for the redemption of others by the preaching of the Good news. For how shall they be saved unless they hear the Gospel of salvation, and how will they hear unless someone preaches it to them?

Every time we are involved in turning people from sanctity to iniquity, we have only succeeded in yielding our beings as vessels unto the evil one for the destruction of others. For that there is a reward – stiff punishment. But when we yield ourselves to purity in God and give our bodies to His use for preaching the Gospel unto others so that they too may see the light and come to the saving grace of God, for everyone that is so saved, there is a party of sort in heaven among the angels of the Lord. That simply means we succeed in making the devil mad when a sinner repents. Check it and beware. When we are unhappy when someone forsakes sin, it is the spirit of the enemy that is responsible. Apart from the party in heaven, there is an immediate spiritual benefit for the vessel so used for the great feat: he begins to shine as star forever as the Light of God brightens him up.

Have you observed the life of that genuine preacher of the Gospel that no matter the surrounding turmoil, he is ever joyful? It is a spiritual matter. As heaven rejoices, his joy increases. Some assume it is for money that preachers engage in preaching. How so wrong! There are things money cannot buy or achieve and are yet attainable. Strive for it.

You too can be a recipient of such spiritual benefit. But you need first to present yourself unto God a pure vessel and then, He will take you over for His use.

Pray: Almighty Father, I want to shine also. Please take me over completely for your soul winning assignment and keep me perpetually in you in the name of Jesus Christ.

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