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Speech Ladened with Wisdom and Understanding

Focus: Psalms 49:3 - KJV

3. My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding.

Romans 11:33-36

Wisdom lies in understanding that God is the wise. By and large, the Preacher in his writings enjoins us that seeking earthly wisdom and knowledge is vain for the more acquired, the greater the sorrow. But there is a wisdom which is plain and beneficial. It is the wisdom borne out of a heart with great understanding that God is the wise and He gives true wisdom to whoever He delights to give. The Psalmist makes it clear that the mouth speaks wisdom because the heart has understanding. Those who lack understanding of the things and the way of God are at best speaking worldly wisdom which is inverted and wicked. For instance, to the eyes of every man, Joseph was very wise when he counselled Pharaoh to take over the land in Egypt for grains to the owners who ordinarily were citizens dying of hunger during famine. That in essence, turned the whole land to an individual or stool against the interest of the owners. That was not done in love and therefore can only be wicked. On the other hand, when Solomon suggested that the living child be sliced into two and given to the agitating women, he had understanding that God is a life-giving God and any of the two women who preferred that the child be slain was ungodly. Hence, with his understanding heart, his mouth spoke wisdom and was highly regarded for it. The One whom he understood in his heart that afforded him that kind of wisdom to speak is still God till today.

We also can gather wisdom to ourselves if we will fear God and understand His tenets. By His tenets, we are able to convince ourselves of the right things to do and His wisdom will be formed in our mouths for direction. At times, wisdom in a particular matter may be to keep mum. Unless we have understanding of the mind of God, we can’t achieve much wisdom in our sayings. If your words have put you in trouble in times past, what you need is understanding in your heart.

SOLUTION: The word of God is for anyone that lacks wisdom to pray for it. So, please pray for wisdom. You however cannot have true wisdom without understanding the way of God. Wisdom without understanding can be manipulated by the enemy. Get wisdom and in your getting, get understanding.

Father, your wisdom is profitable to direct. Please grant us wisdom for our lives to be properly directed in it in Jesus’ name. We seek to know you the more. Please reveal yourself and your way to us the more daily as we walk with you on this path in Jesus’ name. Never allow the enemy to manipulate us for lack of understanding in Jesus’ name. Therefore, please give to us understanding hearts in the name of Jesus Christ.


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