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Stop The Frivolities

Focus: Matthew 25:10 - KJV

10. And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.

Luke 13:24-27

One sure thing that would prevent many from making it to heaven is not the fact that they never accepted Christ, but their engagement in frivolities, that is to say, things that are of less importance, or simply put, lack of seriousness. The Lord is in a serious business to rescue mankind from the calamity that awaits the devil and the fallen angels, when they will be sentenced for their rebellion against their maker. But every man that follows the devil in his ministry will suffer the same fate with him if, at the most critical hour, he is found outside. This connotes not being ready when the Lord, the bridegroom of the Church comes for His church. Preparation is key to readiness. Unless we be fully prepared, the tricky enemy seeks to eject many from within and put them outside.

In portraying this situation, the Lord Himself spoke the parable of the ten virgins. Their virginity presupposes they had been qualified. Unfortunately, due to their frivolities, they did not get enough of an essential commodity which would keep them in the light. And as they lacked, there was no way they could be in the light except they got the commodity. So, whilst they went seeking to buy because they refused to buy at the crucial time, the bridegroom came without their readiness and, even though they had been prequalified, they were denied, indeed, shut out as dogs.

What is it that we do that shifts our focus from preparation from the return of the Lord? To be fully prepared, we must get ourselves into the mold of being led by the Spirit. When we are so led, we are unlikely to make mistakes. It is a very costly mistake, for instance, to meddle with sin at any time while waiting for the Lord as one of the qualified to meet with Him. That subtle misbehavior in hiding is aimed at pushing out the unsuspecting “virgin” of the Lord. Only the undiscerning will allow himself to be so lured out and become like the dogs who ordinarily are kept out. Please don’t be lured to sin, no matter how pleasurable it seems. It is a great frivolity that derails from greater benefits.

SOLUTION: Be passionate about your relationship with Christ. Stand in the leading of the Holy Spirit and don’t grieve Him. In all you do, watch and pray because you do not know when the Lord shall come. Most importantly, don’t allow yourself to be drawn out to sin.

Please pray thus: Everlasting Lord, I lean on you. I want to reign with you in the end. Do help me to remain where you have kept me and would want me to be, in Jesus’ name. Do all necessary to keep me in your light never to peep into darkness in the name of Jesus. Do sustain me in holiness forever that I may keep fit for you by your mercies in Jesus’ name.

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