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Stop The Lie

Focus: Colossians 3:9-10 - KJV

9. Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds; 10. And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:

Revelations 21:7-8

A lie is intended to deceive the hearer or receiver. Deception is a tool of the devil to manipulate someone into believing or doing something that suits unrighteousness. So, when a lie is told, it is done to deceive. Abraham told a lie to deceive Abimelech about his relationship with Sarah. It was nothing but a lie. Anything done to deceive others is of the devil. The end game is aimed at destruction. It is unfortunate that many are times, the righteous are implicated in a lie and are brought to suffer and pay for things they did not do. We witnessed soldiers being killed for fathom coups in their country in the past. We saw witnesses raising a lie against Naboth at the behest of Jezebel and the poor man died therefor. To remain children of the light, we must eschew lies completely in our conversations. This is a way by which we show that we are indeed children of the one who brought us forth out of darkness. But when we engage in lying, even if for selfish gain, it presupposes that we are yet to fully shed the man of darkness who is the father of lies for having lied from the beginning. What does it bring to us if after we lied, someone is brought into pain for the sake? It is only stony hearts that feel no pinch and show no remorse when the effect of their lies is brought upon another. It is difficult to imagine how Jezebel’s suborned witnesses felt when they saw Naboth being stoned to death over a lie. No liar will have a place in the light kingdom.

May we invite you this day to check yourself dutifully: have you been lying to your neighbors, particularly any of the members of the household of faith? Never assume it had no effect. The effect may be more devastating than you ever envisaged. If the situation goes unrectified, the judgment of the liar is to be banished from the kingdom and you don’t want that to happen to you. Please be clear, that banishment starts from the earth as the liar is excluded from the benefits of the light since he still carries the old man with him whose place is darkness. Release those you have put in bondage by lying, just so that the mercy of God may locate you.

SOLUTION: God is merciful. If we will confess our sin, He will show us mercy. Hence, confess to God the instances you have erred by lying; then restitute your ways as much as probable to forestall undue consequences upon others. Live a lie-free life henceforth. No one kills you for speaking the truth always. And if they do, it takes you only to the bosom of Christ who was equally killed for righteousness. There is no loss in being truthful.

Father, many of us had found lying a simple thing that we are so enmeshed in the act: please by your mercy forgive us. As we realize that it is an act attached to the old man and darkness, do help us by your Spirit never to lie again in Jesus’ name. Let us live the rest of our lives in truthfulness and faithfulness in the name of Jesus. The boldness to overcome all obstacles without having to lie, do bestow on us today in Jesus’ name.

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