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Submit to God

Key verse: James 4:7

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

James 4:1-7

The devil is a cunning and subtle being. He engages in whipping up the lust in man to afflict man. He knows clearly that to lust is to yield to the flesh and that by yielding to the flesh instead of the Spirit, no man can please God. He therefore strives by every means of deception to convince man to accede to lust rather than accede to the Spirit and thereby faith. Whatever is borne out of lust is never done in love, yet God is Love. Many are being deceived to believe that God is available to help them fulfil their lust on many matters. They whip up great sentiments in the place of prayer concerning the same. When they do so, they ask the Lord to approve the enterprise of the devil and since there is no communion between Christ and Belial, the Lord abstains.

Everything we seek that is not in consonance with the Word of God is a luring from the devil. In such pursuit, we are doing the bidding of the devil. When however, we decide to stand on the truth of the Word of God, we affirm the supremacy of God, humble ourselves before and submit unto Him. When we so do, without much ado, we are already resisting the devil. Anytime we seek the Lord while He is near through His Word, we attract the Light of His countenance. When the light comes, darkness departs. This is not to say it is out of place to pray to resist the devil. It only establishes that the first act of resistance is in submitting to God. When the devil finds that you are of God and firmly rooted in Him, his first instinct is to flee from you. Ask Samson: after he was made a sport to the Philistines and he realized himself, he submitted to God and he did greater exploit than all he ever did prior. This because the one that caused his silly state was no longer there.

Beloved, you can surmount that seeming insurmountable problem if only you will humble yourself before God by obeying His Word and commands. Once you do that, the devil behind the problem receives a red card and starts to retrace its steps. Give the Lord a chance in your affairs; don’t yield to that lustful desire; say no to the devil and see him flee from you.


Father, I submit my totality unto you. Help me to abide in you and have your word abide in me that I may continually and forever do your will so that the devil may be far from me in Jesus name.

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