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Take up your cross

Focus: Mark 8:34 - KJV

34. And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Mark 4:34-38

Life is sweet, if it is allowed to flow the way the Lord has purposed it. But life is saddled with too many booby traps and upheavals that are tended to steal the joy and sweetness in it if proper care is not taken. The Cross was made ordinarily for the cursed person. By the sin of man, he was cursed and damned to death. But Christ came, born of the Spirit without carrying the gene of sin and therefore had no basis paying the penalty for sin. But He set aside His righteousness to bear the sin of the accursed so that the original accursed can be free of curses and embrace blessing. By the death of Christ on the cross, it becomes a symbol for freedom from bondage of sin and death but that for repentance and righteousness in Christ. Hence, when a person bears his cross, he is able to recall where he was coming from and will rather prefer not to be accursed again but strive to remain blessed. Therefore, Christ’s advice to us is to deny ourselves of the vagaries of life, pick up our cross, which is a remembrancer of our past and then follow Christ who is our future in righteousness.

It is time therefore to recall where we were before Christ picked us up. Like Moses and subsequently Joshua told Israel, chose this day whom we will serve: the one who placed us in bondage and made our lives miserable in the past or the One who has given us life and is offering us eternal life. The choice is in what ways of life we decide to follow from hence: the way of righteousness for Christ or the old ways for the old man of sin.

SOLUTION: There is nothing profiting in sin and curses. Abstain completely from sin. Follow Christ and His ways to the end and the result will be found worthwhile.

The Lord will bless your day and make you a blessing in it in Jesus name. Every seeming heavy side of the cross you are called to bear shall be made light for you by the power of God in Jesus name. You will never fail in following Christ in the name of Jesus. Hold the forth.

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