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Thanks to God Alone

Focus: Psalms 75:1 – KJV

Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare.

Psalms 75:1-10

It is the beginning of the sixth month in the year. It is only by the power of God that we are alive today. For the enemy, we should have been committed to the earth or be in some form of pain or another. But the Lord it is that turns the devices of the wicked to naught regarding us. He is the one that promotes and none can say no. He also pulls down the wicked for the righteous to rule. The red wine in the cup in His hand, He has poured out to the wicked to drink and He is the lifter of the righteous inhabitants of the earth. It is not right for any to lift up his horn unnecessarily for promotion comes only from the Lord. Hence, for all of these, our thanks should go to none other but the source of our lifting and protection.

Dearly beloved, only God deserves our thanks this day and evermore. Even if for nothing else, so much water has already gone under the bridge but here we are carried on the palm of His hands in safety. We need to consciously give thanks to God and not share the glory of His doings with any other. Let God receive your thanksgiving and praise today that the hosts of heaven may join you in rejoicing.

SOLUTION: Find quality time to give thanks to God today. You may give to the needy near you just to say thanks to God for if you had been dead, another will be spending that money of yours. Sing praises and psalms in appreciation of the Lord’s goodness to you.

Father, we are grateful to you for all you have done and been doing for us. None other will share in our praise to you for your goodness and for your wonderful works unto us. Please accept our thanks and praises in Jesus’ name. Do please keep watching over us that we may continue to give you thanks evermore in Jesus’ name. Happy New Month beloved.

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