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The Good Fight

Key verse: 1 Timothy 6:12

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

Galatians 5:13-18

Life on earth is a battle. The battle is won or lost first internally before the external manifestation. The battle is directed against the soul noting that it is an eternal law that the soul that sins shall die. What therefore happens is that darkness through the flesh seeks to capture the soul and put it in bondage by making it lust after itself. Meanwhile, everything about the flesh is disobedience unto God. As this is happening, the Spirit, through the spirit of man, confronts the soul with the truth of God that the soul may be free from all entanglement with darkness and thereby enjoy peace. This war is never ending in man until he breathes his last. As the war rages, man is expected to make a choice between yielding to the flesh in lust or the Spirit in righteousness. Those who yield to the flesh are controlled of it and endanger their souls unto perdition; while those who yield to the Spirit are not under the law but above it.

The loss of the fight for the soul in man is responsible for adultery, idolatry, stealing, killing, backbiting and all the likes. It appears to those who are losing the battle as such like it is impossible to win. It is however not impossible to win. On the contrary, it is only possible to win if we can fight to uphold the soul. Solomon was a man brought up in a polygamy. He knew what transpired among his siblings. God favored him and gave him the kingdom. He also had wealth untold. But a battle began for his soul. The flesh told him by marrying women from the foreign neighboring kingdoms, he would be signing a peace treaty with them. The Spirit was saying God can keep your kingdom in peace if you will stick with Him alone and not necessarily by marrying numerous women. Solo yielded to the flesh only to regret in the end after leading the nation into idolatry by his misdeed, saying, all is vanity.

To overcome is to fight. We must fight the good fight of faith which is that we must hold on to our belief in Christ and the ability of God to fulfill His word. This fight makes us turn against fleshly lust and keep us constantly in tune with the Spirit to obey His dictates and guidance for the safety of our souls. That luring that you are experiencing is aimed at damning your soul. Fight! Please fight for your soul! Your eternity depends on it. Fight!!!

Pray: Father please help me to keep fighting and not go weary that I may be victorious in the end and occupy a position beside you in Jesus name.

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