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The Happy People

Key verse: Psalms 146:5

Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God:

Exodus 15:1-10

God is a faithful Father and the best Friend anyone can have. When one befriends God, He, being the higher partner in the relationship, safeguards His friend from the attack of his foes, lavishes him with the best in life and ensures his safety health wise. For instance, when Moses became a friend of God, He gave him an assignment to lead a nation out of bondage and as a result, he became the first “President” of that nation. When he led them away from Egypt and the great warring nation pursued him and his people, God was there to give him tacit support to overcome the foe. Here was Moses with neither spear nor sword but a rod; he had never experimented parting water in a basin but was confronted by the Red Sea that had to part for him to lead his people across. At the end of the day, he crossed with his team successfully and had his enemies submerged in the drink because God was with him. The result: he burst into a new song as he had the last laugh.

To have God as your friend, you must be ready to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. He has said He will not call those who do so servants but friends. Rest assured, He knows to care for His friends beyond their wildest imagination as eyes have not seen nor ears heard, neither has it entered the thought of man, what He has reserved for His friends. You must also treat Him as a friend by keeping constant touch and communion with Him through prayer. If you be too distant, you indicate that you are not in need of His closeness and help because you have no hope in Him.

When you befriend God, please never leave Him for any reason. Sin is a cause of separation between Him and man. When a child has a strong adult behind him, he is able to slap an offending not too strong person and get away with it. But the day the strong adult is no longer with the child is the day he runs into trouble with the slapped person. This is also true in the relationship between us, our God and friend, and the enemy – the devil. We are able to do things against the devil when we have God behind us. Imagine how empowered the devil is against anyone who no longer has God behind him but had been moving against the devil. It can be calamitous. If you stick with God, your happiness is everlastingly guaranteed.

Pray: Father, I love you and cherish being with you. Keep me forever with you and let me remain victorious over the enemy that I may enjoy guaranteed happiness in Jesus name.

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