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The Joy of the Mentor

Focus: 3 John 1:4 - KJV

4. I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

3 John 1:1-4

Paul was/is a super mentor. His mind towards his mentee Gaius, was for him to do well and walk in truth. Pray, since Gaius was still in the flesh, it was not unlikely that he had short comings. But his mentor refused to beam on those short comings. Rather, he commended him for his good deeds and encouraged him to do much more asserting that it is his prosperity in the work that brings joy to his mentor. Some mentors are not like that. Even though you are poised to do the work of the Kingdom and expand the territories thereof, no matter what you do, they will rather clog the wheel of the progress of the mentees by bearing tales, gossiping and slandering the same so that he is not loved by those he comes into contact with. Meanwhile, everything they say is a lie. To find out about their lie, please be sure that when they do their evil, they tell their audience not to mention it to the mentee or quote them about it. Such mentors are from the pit of hell and are not agents of Christ. For with Christ, anyone that names the name of the Lord is ‘not against us’. For these self-acclaimed mentors, they want to assert that without them, their supposed mentee cannot do anything. Their mistake is in leaving out the God factor which is key to every human endeavor.

Friends, thank God for good mentors. Are you one? Let joy be formed in you when your mentees are doing well. The truth is, their achievements are actually yours if you do well with them. Please don’t emulate evil mentors. For Christ, (our true mentor), He did not only want us to do the kind of works He achieved for which the world sees Him as a success, but also greater works. We are to be like Christ. Let us focus on Him. He is the best mentor ever. Please be like him in mentoring.

SOLUTION: To have joy in your mentee, have a clear heart towards him. Be a good mentor by wishing your mentees well and supporting them to have success in their pursuits. That is the mind of God towards us so let us have the same mind towards them.

The Lord will crown your effort over your disciples/followers with huge success in Jesus’ name. All your followers will bring you joy by their accomplishments in Jesus’ name. You will not live to regret your effort over the ones God has raised through you in Jesus’ name.

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