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The Light of life

Focus: Psalms 36:9 - KJV

9. For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light.

John 4:13-14

Jesus declared that while He was in the world, He’s the Light of the world. When His departure was close, He shed that light on all those who believe making us the light of the world and a city set on the hill that shall not be hid. But our attaining the status of light is premised on our drinking of His water of life that is meant to develop in us into a well of living water such that through it, we do not thirst anymore but relish everlasting life. There were two thieves hanged on the tree beside the Lord Jesus at His crucifixion. The one sought mercy while the other was unconscionable. The one that sought mercy got to drink of the living water and the Light of Christ illuminated him. He got salvation at the verge of his death and the Light of Christ which penetrated him brought him to limelight in that his act is contained in the Gospel being read all over the world today, years after.

Therefore, anyone that must experience life need to draw from the water that Christ offers. This is done when we imbibe the word of God. By that we are washed of water and made pure. But unless we come in the light of the word of God, we lack illumination for there lies the source of our light. Many like Saul and the woman of Sychar, are filled with water that leads to thirst again which proceeds from the well of Jacob. There is no illumination coming out of that well. But when Christ, at different times met each of them, they got illuminated, abdicated their old ways and imbibed the living water by His word such that they bore their own light by His light and started to draw people unto Him. Today, the Lord is inviting you and I to drink of His living water which in a manner of speaking brings us to partaking of His Light even as we have in us well of living water that quenches our thirst unto eternity.

And so, I join my faith with yours to declare that everything that represents death and darkness that may be operating in your life before now gives way for the Light of God in the name of Jesus. And from now on, you will start to display light as the light of the world by the reason of the word of life in you; you will never be obscured again in Jesus name. God bless you even as you enjoy a day full of joy.

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